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Village Life

In the enchanting tapestry of Zanzibar's cultural mosaic, "Zanzibar Untold" invites viewers to step off the beaten path and into the heart of village life, where time seems to slow and the echoes of tradition resonate with the rhythms of the land and sea. As the sun dips below the horizon and the vibrant...

Natural Medicine & Shamanism

In "Zanzibar Untold," we embark on a journey deep into the heart of Zanzibar's cultural heritage, where ancient traditions of natural medicine and shamanism continue to thrive amidst the winds of change. This chapter delves into the rich tapestry of indigenous healing practices that have sustained the island's communities for generations, offering a...


In "Zanzibar Untold," we embark on a transformative journey into the heart of Zanzibar's burgeoning tourism industry. Set against the backdrop of pristine beaches and historic architecture, this chapter delves into the complex interplay between tradition and modernity as the island grapples with the challenges and opportunities presented by its rapidly growing tourism...

Fishing Communities and the Ocean

In "Zanzibar Untold" we set sail into the vibrant world of fishing communities nestled along the shores of the Indian Ocean. Through captivating storytelling and breathtaking visuals, we delve into the age-old practices of traditional canoe fishing, an art passed down through generations in Zanzibar and other East African regions. Meet the skilled...