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Hellow there, my name is Almas, I am a general tour guide, I am married and I am 42 years old, I have some kids. My hobbies are: reading some books, swimming and watching football. The tourism industry has changed me alot in a different positive dimensions including the improvement of linquistic as knowledge and communication knowledge since I apply those in my career from day to day and tend to expand as the days going on. Apart from that, it brings about new friends and new sensational ideas since I interact with different people and that is the time that I grab those constructive ideas from the mass I meet. The foundamental plan of mine related with tourism sector could be described on different ways. To invest on Zanzibaris youths’s education and here I tend to impact the knowledge and skills on them as important tool since I believe the well prepared brain can see alot of potential opportunities, hence they can also do great things on tourism industry and also another role of education is that they will be able to identify the natural resources that simply existing in certain areas which surround them and use them very effectively, these simply can’t be met with proper and right education. Thank you!




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March 8, 2024